Campaign against standard term estate agency contracts

Letter to Evans Regarding Our Nightmare Campaign

Penyards Country Properties, Graham Evans and Our Nightmare!

It looks the time has finally come to take off the gloves Evans.  I’ve been as patient as a saint with you but your arrogance and ignorance seem to know no bounds. You’ve bullied and insulted everyone including your fellow professionals and we’ve had to endure your cancereous intrusion into our lives for years now.  I guess you’re used to getting your own way and have had a lifetime of treating decent, honest people with contempt in pursuance of it.

So, now we are where we are and this time you’ve bullied the wrong person.  I grew up in a hard industrial town fighting and beating bullies just like you and although we’re not using fists (unfortunately), I have other means at my disposal.

Perhaps if you’d done your job properly in the first instance we wouldn’t be here now!  In my opionion your team acted with utter incompetance treating our property as if it were their own to barter with at whim.  You were fired, get over it and look at the reasons why … learn from it and improve.  But no, you feel justified in leaching off the hard work of others and pursue us like a hungry dog for a fee you and I both know you absolutely do not deserve.

You have ignored all NAEA, TPO and industry guidelines making you what we consider a rogue agent – look up the meaning of rogue in the dictionary (as I remember you often need to refr to it!)

Through a combination of luck, lies and deceit you have managed to leverage your contract which according to the Unfair Contracts Act is illegal.  But that apparently is something for the courts to decide.

You have taken the action you have and continue to do so.  It seems that no matter what, you are set on your course of destruction and torment.  That is your choice but I promise you this Evans, if it takes me a year, two or ten, this is going to be with you for as long as it takes.  There simply is no place in this world for a bully.

You know I run a media and marketing company so I have a lot of weapons in my arsenal.  Fortunately, for us you’ve also supplied a huge amount of ammunition with your arrogant dialogue; stuff I’m sure everyone in Hampshire will be interested to read.

  • The new website goes live next week
  • A Google ads/facebook/seo campaign starts and will point people to it
  • Posts on a weekly basis to your Facebook and Twitter feeds starts next week
  • Starting soon each weekend someone will be in your towns of operation handing out leaflets in front of your offices and placing them on every car in every car park
  • Letters will be sent to all existing Penyards clients advising them to check their contracts and the potential consequences
  • The local press will be sent relevant articles and invited to monitor the campaign
  • We’ll lobby your local MP regarding the use of standard clause contracts and using our experience as an example continue to take this to every level
  • Articles on high traffic forums are already moving up the results of Google and within months search results for specific keywords will be flooded with links to those articles
Now before you go running back to your lawyers, this is not a campaign of liable and defamation. We’ll present a balanced and detailed series of articles detailing OUR experience with you and if it prompts potential clients to aviod the same fate then there’s only one person to blame.

You may have managed to rip me off at this point but don’t go out and party.

I am angry, very angry that you managed to secure a default judgment but that is history now.  That was a battle and this is the beginning of a war you started that won’t end well for either of us.  You?  Because every person in your areas of operation will have the opportunity to read about our terrible experience with you and perhaps will consider their options with regard to real estate.  Me, well I’m having to waste valuable time on you which is causing further issues.

But it is what it is and you’re creating a situation that I simply will not back down from. In time you will find yourself spending more and more time dealing with our campaign as it snowballs, which will take valuable resources that should be geared to building your business. In time you’ll look back on this opportunity to stop the harassment and hopefully wished you’d acted with a little more professionalism and humility.

‘Penyards is not just a business – it is a way of doing business. It has a style and a culture vastly different from that of our competitors, and even within the estate agency industry we are recognised as the ‘alternative country agent’. Our strongest belief however, is that our continued success owes its good fortune to one simple philosophy – in order to fully understand and responsibly represent our clients interests, in what at the end of the day is quite simply a commercial transaction, we must act as a business first and an estate agent second.

This is the time for evolution not revolution, but for businesses to take responsibility for their own destiny, time to stop complaining about the challenges of today’s hypercompetitive world and time to start focusing entirely on learning the skills required to enhance the odds of winning.’

You can stop this now. The choice is entirely yours because once we start next week there will soon be a point when there will be nothing even we can do to stop the campaign.


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