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Graham Evans Penyards Claims Harrassment

In an ironic turn of events this week the publishers received an email from the UK police. Evans has now claimed to be the ‘victim’ of harassment!

We believe that on the face of it Evans may come across as a legitimate businessman but in the opinion of his his latest victim ‘he is nothing more than a silver tonged-conman’.

The police were concerned about Evans’ claims:
‘I am currently investigating a case of harassment brought against you in England. The case relates to your continued and personal harassment of PENYARDS and its employees….

Please also disclose how you have been able to gain details of PENYARDS clients, as this may be a direct breach of the data protection act.’

Once we replied the police decided that there was no further action to be taken:


Thank you for your response. I will not take any further action in this case and will look to close the incident shortly. I have added the below email and the documents from your link to our systems for reference. I will also inform Mr EVANS to only have contact with yourselves via a solicitor. He will also be informed that this case will close and that I will take no further action against any party. ‘

Our response to Evans’ claim of harassment is below:

‘I find it very hard to understand how you can ‘allege’ harassment when we are actually responding to an aggressive and intimidatory campaign by Mr Evans. We have not once received a request to cease contact from him or any other parties so need to respond to letters, threats, derisory comments and emails initiated by them.

You will find that the harassment and aggression is all from Mr Evans’ side – If you visit the website you will read the details of harassment my family and I have endured for the last three years from this bully culminating in his threats to ‘bankrupt’ us.

Remember, all we did was put our property on the market with him and now he has escalated it to this.

I can supply you with reams of paperwork from Mr Evans that backs up every single syllable I’ve published. For years now we have told Evans to LEAVE US ALONE. But he has carried out his threat made several years ago to ‘pursue us relentlessly’

Now I have been forced to publish our story with our treatment by Mr Evans at its heart he doesn’t like it. Rather then assessing the situation and fixing the issues that caused us to fire them, he embarked on this road.

The simple fact is that we are now forced to publish our experience (as is our right I believe) for others to read and ensure they do not end up in the same situation. We have begun a perfectly legitimate campaign and have every right to inform others of our experience, especially those with Penyards contracts as they could end up in exactly the same boat. The campaign to outlaw unfair agency contracts is growing in support and we will be taking this to Parliament.

This could even happen to you Simon, or your family! A super-aggressive estate agent taking advantage of agency standard terms that according to law are ‘unfair’ and should not be used. He then bypassed all industry codes of practice rules and sought to intimidate and threaten us from the outset through his lawyers. If he had gone to mediation as we requested this would have been sorted a long time ago but he chose to attack us via email and verbally abuse us in the middle of the night by telephone.

We have recently received more threats from Mr Evans citing court action for defamation but as everything we’ve published is entirely factual they have not proceeded.

I have every right to publish the facts surrounding Mr Evans and if this is causing him issues it is entirely of his own making. As you will read he obtained a court order by default and deception. We do not have the funds, inclination or the geographical advantage to take this through the courts and why should we? We are simply homeowners caught in the grasp of a serial litigator. I know we are not the first homeowners Mr Evans has come to blows with.

I respectfully ask that you look seriously at Evans’ actions and look at charging him with harassment. He simply cannot be allowed to attack clients in this way and there is no place for bullies.

Here is just one example of the dialogue we’ve had to endure in response to a courteous request to seek mediation:

The only default that might occur is your non payment of your liability to me and if that is not discharged at the calling of the bailiff then I will bankrupt yourself and Mrs xxxxx at the earliest moment that papers can be served. You do not determine when this debt is paid, I do!

We should have made our own complaint years ago but hoped it would have been left alone … how wrong we were. We have told Mr Evans on numerous occasions not to contact us but he has ignored this over and over again. He called and threatend my wife and I in the early hours of the morning (2 years ago!) in what appeared to be a drunken stupor and has continued to threaten us ever since.

You need to be aware that:

  • Mr and Mrs Evans are making false statements and I would be interested in hearing what they have claimed in their statement to you
  • Mr Evans is copying and disseminating false and malicious information about myself copied in full breach of copyright law from scam websites
  • Evans has been stalking the profiles of Gauk Media (my company) staff this weekend



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