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Evans and the Industrial Tribunal

Excellent Web Site am sure it helped bring Evans down with total justification…. Karma does work ….I have waited 20 years for it…. He has not changed one iota.

I had the misfortune of working for him and I was chasing an exchange on a Friday when the Buyers Solicitor tried to drop the price by 3.5% , I firmly told him that I would report to my client however it was not carrying my recommendation.

Evans overheard my response and asked what was happening. I explained to him to which his response was “its peanuts to us….” bearing in mind our fee was 2% it was not a huge amount to us, however I pointed out that the amount of the proposed reduction covered the whole of our fees plus VAT and most of the solicitors fees as well for our Client.

He barked at me Get it Exchanged or else….. I ignored that and told my Client to stand his ground sure enough He did and we did eventually exchange though not until nearly a week later. Which I am pleased to say was at the originally agreed price, I gave the Solicitor a flea in his ear as well for disreputable behaviour.

Needless to say Evans and I fell out and I ended up at an Industrial Tribunal where the Magistrate instructed Penyards to settle and my brief had to threaten winding up procedures after one of a series of post dated cheques from Coutts bounced…!!!


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